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How to Do a 180 Jump with Punches

Learn how to do a 180 jump with punches in this Howcast workout video about plyometric exercises.


Hi. It's Pauline, and I'm back with another plyo move. This is called the 180 jump, with punches. This is an advanced move, but I will show it to you as beginners would do.

Remember, a 180 is almost in a squat position. Okay. You're going to start with your hips pushing back, abs tight, and knees in line. You're going to pop up, and punch. Okay? Pop back, and punch. Okay?

That's the movement, and when you add the element of weights, then you're burning more body fat calories. Weights in hand, and also, the weights are kind of going to give you more stability as well. When you're in this position and you pop up, punch through, and pop back. Break it up, punch through.

Okay. Something to keep in mind is, just remember you don't have to extend your arms all the way, because that's going to kind of hurt your shoulders. I want you to keep it short. Okay? And that way, you can keep the momentum going with the jumps.

One more time, from here. Quick, quick. Quick, quick. Abs tight. Sitting back. Also, if you notice, I was rotating my palm. Keep your palms rotated. That way, it's easier to bring the weight back into the same position.

And that's your 180 with your punches.

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