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How to Do a Lateral Side Jump

Learn how to do a lateral side jump in this Howcast workout video about plyometric exercises.


Hi. I'm Pauline, and I'm back with another plyo move.

It's called lateral line jumps. Again, any sport that incorporates moving laterally, tennis, basketball, soccer, table tennis, anything like that really could use this type of plyo move. And of course, you can use it in your workout as well. I actually like to use something like this when I'm weight training, or when I have high intensity days.

This is going to be my quick burst of lateral moving. What I'm going to do is, I'm going to start with my feet, shoulders apart. Actually, this time I'll start together. And keeping your knees off, you're going to jump from one side to the other. Okay? Up. Keep in mind that you can actually use your arms as a driving force. Okay? To get you over. And almost like a skiing move.

Skiers can use this as well. Okay? That's the beginner move. I'm going to make it a little bit more intense. I'm going to go quicker. All right? Notice what my arms are doing, so I can keep it as close as possible to the line. Okay? I'll do that for 30 seconds, and then I'll rest. Then I'll come back again, and I'll do it again. Okay? Driving slow, and then picking it up.

The object here is to go as fast as you can, increasing your heart rate, and getting a good burn so that you are easily conditioned. Alright?

And that is how you do your lateral line jump.

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