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How to Do a Backward Lunge Jump

Learn how to do a backward lunge jump in this Howcast workout video about plyometric exercises.


Hi, it is Pauline and I'm back with another great Plyometric exercise.

This one is called the backward lunge jump. We are going to do the lunge jump by itself first, and then we are going to add the element of the weight.

So what I want you to do is stick that leg back, and you are going to make sure your knee is in line with your toes. When you go down, keeping your abs tight, and the hips pushed forward. Down again knees in line with your ankle, and come up.

What I want you to do is practice coming up on your toes first, so that way you get the movement and you are efficient. Going from back to front. Knee to elbow. Up on your toe and back down. Okay?

Now, it gets a lot tougher, so this is for advanced. You are going to add a weight. What I like to do is you are just going to use one weight. This is eight pounds. I am going to take that right leg back. Okay? So opposite. So, now what I want to do is to go down, pop up, weights at your shoulder level. Okay? So that you are balanced, pop up.

The great thing is that the weight is in line with my hamstrings and my glutes. It is really activated. Pop up. Okay? Down, pop up. Keep your abs in because it is really easy to let go once you start getting tired. Okay? Then you switch. Just a few more. Make sure your opposite arm, opposite leg. Keep the weight at your shoulder. Pop up. Okay, now if you want to go faster, you can. Okay?

This is how you build wonderful glutes, legs, hamstrings, everything.

That is how you do your backward lunge jump.

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