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How to Do a Sumo Jump Squat with Weights

Learn how to do a sumo jump squat with weights in this Howcast workout video about plyometric exercises.


I'm Pauline, and I'm back with a great plyometric exercise. This is going to be your sumo squat, with an added element of dumbbells. Okay?

Sumo squat, remember, you're going to take your legs wide. Your toes are pointed at a diagonal. And you're going to push your hips back, and down. Okay?

I like this move, and I'm just going to practice pressing up from here, just so I can get the movement right. I like it because my abs are engaged, of course. My glutes, my hamstrings, and my quads. The deeper I go, the more I feel it in my hamstrings and my glutes. That means I'm getting a great workout in my buns. Okay? Pressing up. Ladies, this is a great workout for you.

Now what I want to do is add a jump, and then add the weights. So, when you jump, you're going to bring your feet together, and back out. And it's a quick feet movement. Landing on your toes soft, and rocking back on your heel. Quick. And the weights come up, and back down to your side.

Okay. Now let's add the weights. Now it gets really challenging, and if you're advanced, pick up those weights at a good heart rate. And here we go. Weights go down, come up. Okay. From the side. Okay?

And that is how you do your sumo squats with weights.

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