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How to Do a Flutter Kick Squat

Learn how to do a flutter kick squat in this Howcast workout video about plyometric exercises.


Hi. It's Pauline again, and here's another great plyometric exercise. This is called the flutter kick squat. This move is really great if, again, you're doing a leg workout and you want to add in some intensity into your leg workout. Or, you can just do it after any exercise, really. But it really incorporates your quads, larger muscles, so you're going to be tired. Okay?

You're going to start in kind of like a scissor flutter kick motion. And you're going to pop off your toe. Popping off your toe, and landing on your heel in front. Okay? That's the first move.

The second move is going to be a squat, and it's going to be a deeper squat, so that's going to allow me to activate my glutes, allow me to activate my quads, and my hamstrings. From here, you're going to pop up, flutter, flutter, back down. Okay?

Okay, what I want you to do is focus on opposite when you're running, to use your arms as though you're running. Of course, you're breathing. And remember, as you're going down, you're really focusing on keeping your navel, going to the back towards your spine. Okay?

And that's your flutter kick squat.

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