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How to Do a Side Traveling Burpee Plyometric Exercise

Learn how to do a side traveling burpee in this Howcast workout video about plyometric exercises.


Hi. It's Pauline again. This exercise is another great plyo move. It involves your total body, and your total attention.

What's going to be working here is, of course, your abs, your powerhouse, so you have to keep that in mind. Your shoulders, your arms, your upper body, your back, your chest, everything is going to be engaged. The only difference is, I'm going to be adding, fast, a couple of elements. Popping up, and moving to the side. Remember, if you're a beginner, just do simple burpees. If you're a medium to advanced, you're going to do the lateral travelling.

Again, when you get down to do burpees, just make sure you're in your pushup position, and your abs are tight. You're going to pop up. Okay? That's the usual burpee. What I'm going to do is, pop down with one foot. Okay? Jump up. Travel. Okay? Burpee down. Up. Travel, to the other side. Okay? Up. Travel. Switch. Up. Other side.

It becomes a little bit difficult when you're just doing one leg at a time. Again, I would make sure that your abs are really tight. And when you do your burpee stance, you're making sure that you're staying in this position and not letting your elbows bow. You really have to stay nice and tight, and keep your leg in line, and pop up. Okay? That's the movement.

That's how you do your burpee with side travelling.

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