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How to Do a Box Burpee Plyometric Exercise

Learn how to do a box burpee in this Howcast workout video about plyometric exercises.


Hi I am Pauline. and I'm back with another great Plyo upper body movement.

This is going to be a burpee. I love burpees. The reason why is it really gets your total body involved. Here I have a box, the great thing about this box is it has handles on the sides so it's easy to grab.

Now for the Burpee you're actually going to stand up for this one. From here, and I have my mat on the floor so it's really easy to use because it's slipless. So put it down, back, come up, bring the box up, over head, and back down. Keep your abs tight. Pop up, shoulders, press. Now you're adding that press in there to your shoulder workout, and a squat as well. So in real time. Quick, pop up. Quick, pop up.

Just like the plank, I want you to keep your body from bowing, that's a no no. Keep your abs in tight. Do about 12 to 15 for 30 seconds.

And that is how you do your Box Burpee.

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