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How to Do an Up & Over Box Jump Plyometric Exercise

Learn how to do an up and over box jump in this Howcast workout video about plyometric exercises.


Hi. I'm Pauline, and I'm back with another great plyo upper body movement. I really like the box. It's because I can use it for so many things.

I'm going to show you box push-up, up and over. And if you really want to work on getting strength in your upper body, putting the plank into this workout is another great way to do so. And of course, it's going to be a total body workout as well.

What you're going to do for beginners, you're going to come on your knee, and then get into a position to where you have one hand on top, and one hand off the box. Okay? And you're going to lean forward as though you're almost lying. Get your hips forward, pressing towards the floor. Go down, push up, come over. Same thing on the other side. Press up.

Keep yourself from dropping your navel. Just make sure to keep your navel really tight, and going towards your spine. And then you're going to push off the heel of your arm with your hand. As you come up, breathe. You also may need to kind of shift your knees every now and then, which is what I'm doing. And up, and over. Okay?

This could also be a really explosive movement. What you want to do is, athletes, focus on the push-up. Right? Down. Push up. Okay.

The advanced version is, you're going to come off your knee. Okay? Get into this position. Down, push up. Down, up, and over. One more. Up, and over. Okay? Again, take your time. Start on the floor. Start on your knees, until you really get really good, and come off your knee. Challenge yourself. It's really important. And this is a great way to get your upper body really, really strong.

That is your box up and over push-ups.

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