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How to Do a Mountain Climber Plyometric Exercise

Learn how to do a mountain climber in this Howcast workout video about plyometric exercises.


Hi, I'm Pauline. And I'm ready to show you another amazing plyometric exercise.

This is your mountain climbers. And I love mountain climbers because it's a total body workout. It works your upper body, your core, and of course your heart rate is going to be up. It's a great, kind of like a warm up to a dynamic warm up as well.

I have a box here you can use and you can also do the mountain climbers on a mat. I like a challenge so I want to do it on the box. So there's a couple ways you can do it on the box. What you're going to is come up off your knees.

I'm going to do it in slow motion. So just knees up. Okay, beginners, this is what you're going to do. What I'm doing, as I'm bringing my knee up, I'm actually crunching my abs. So, breathing out each time your knee comes up, keeping your abs tight so you don't fall.

Again, we don't want you in this position, we want you up. If you feel yourself dropping down like this, really think about taking your naval and pulling it to your spine. So now, this is medium pace and I'm going to speed it up.

So, again, when you're doing this, it's really important to make sure that you don't let your abs drop in because you lose the movement and then your back starts to hurt. So, the reason why it's a great workout is it really focuses on keeping your core tight, alright?

So, that's how you do your mountain climbers.

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