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How to Do a Bounding Step Hop Plyometric Exercise

Learn how to do a bounding step hop in this Howcast workout video about plyometric exercises.


Hi, I'm Pauline, and I'm back with another awesome Plyo move. This movement is called the bounding step-hop. It's really simple.

You're basically going to get into a running motion. The motion is simply driving. When you're doing the movement, I want you to practice getting up on your toes and back down. This is a really great warm-up before you actually move. Step-heel, up on your toes. Arms are going to be your driving force. Abs tight, shoulders down, stepping.

So let me do a couple for you so you know what it looks like. You're going to step, hop, and land on your toe. Step-heel, hop, land on your toe. Okay? Let me get that to you again. So step, hop, up on your toe. Heel-toe. So, you're basically doing a heel-toe movement and I'm actually really feeling this in my calves, but I'm also feeling it in my quads. My heart rate's up.

Again, great cardio exercise. Now, with more space you can do a lot with this, You can run further and get more power. This move is a great vertical enhancer. You can get a really great result if you;re a basket ball player, going for that type of exercise. So, I'm actually going to get higher.

Notice what I did was start from the ground, into step-hop, but now I'm going higher, leaping off my toe. Try to land as soft as you can. Okay? Step-heel, hop, step-heel, hop, step-heel. This time I'm going for height. I can either go for height or I can go for distance.

So height, as high as I can, always breathing out on the up. Use your arms for the driving force. Up, elbow-knee, elbow-knee. If I'm on the track, I will probably use forty yards or so and do this bounding exercise. You have to do it for a certain distance so that you can really get the cardio benefit, as well as the muscular, power, explosive, vertical benefit.

This is really great, as well, to do outside if you're doing a track workout. Or if you're in the gym to have a really great distance from twenty to forty yards, and do it in sequence to where you're getting an active rest. So you're going to do it forty yards, jog back for one minute or so, or do an active move. Rest and do your bounding again.

And that is how you do your bounding step-hop.

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