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Plyometric Exercises for Speed

Learn how to do plyometric exercises that will increase your speed in this Howcast workout video about plyometrics.


Form is crucial. If you're a runner, this is great for you. If you play sports, this is great for you. If you're anybody, this is actually really great for you. If you're trying to lose weight, this is great for you. Okay?

What you're going to do, is you're going to get down into almost a squatted position. Your arms are going to be out in front, fingertips, and relaxed. Okay? And you're going to move. Get on your toes. As quick as you can. Okay?

I'm going to do this move, moving forward and back. You get down again. Moving forward, okay? Moving back. Up, moving back. Okay?

The next one of the three is going to be your quick step with 180 turn. And this 180 is going to involve a power explosive movement on the vertical. This is what it looks like. You're going to get your abs in tight, hips back again, keep your chest up. Posterior chain ready to go. And you're quick. Go for 10 seconds, pop up, back, quick. Okay? 180, quick, 180.

The next one is a quick feet, up and over. Okay? What you're going to do is start on top. Explode up, come down. Okay? I'm going to walk it first, then I'm going to add the lift. Walk, lift, walk, lift. And then I'm going to get a little bit quicker, making sure that you stay low. Okay? And as you get lower, your hips are going to be lower. Okay?

Those are my top three plyometrics exercises for speed and agility.

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