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Top 3 Ab Exercises Using Slider

Learn how to do the top three plyometric ab exercises using a slider in this Howcast workout video about plyometric exercises.


Hi, I'm Pauline and I have three amazing ab plyometric exercises for you. Now you can pretty much use anything that's easily-- that's easy to slide on the floor. Paper towel, of course, everyone has a paper towel at home. But here I have some just cloth. So what you're going to do is you're going to come into a plank position, right?

And again, these moves are really focused on incorporating the core, actually total body, so what I want you to do is start off with your palms underneath your shoulder and then your feet together, abs tight. All right, the whole objective here is to keep your upper body nice and still. So you're going to go in and mountain climb your position. Start with one, knee up, in, back out, in, back out.

Breathing out, okay? Then we speed it up. Abs nice and tight. Upper body still. So as I'm doing it I'm really feeling my quads burning, as well as everything else, so you are incorporating your legs of course, but your quads are going to be on fire, okay? So that's one variation. The other variation is an in and out motion and then we'll put it all together.

So same position. Then what you want to do is, you're actually going to bring your legs kind of closer together. Your knees are going to come up to your chest at the same time. This is a lot harder, so you really need to stabilize your core here, so come up, back out, okay? And the last movement is going to involve the plank, but your legs are going to be further out and away from you.

All right, so same position. In a plank position, palms underneath your shoulders, go out, abs tight, open and close. Okay, nice and still, breathing. Okay, so now what I want to do is I'm going to combine all three moves together, all right? So here we go starting with individual knee up mountain climber sliders, up, up, up together. One, two and then take it out. Up, two, okay together in and out. Okay, these are three really great ab exercises using the sliders.

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