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Top 3 Plyometric Exercises to Improve Vertical Jump

Learn how to do the top three plyometric exercises that improve vertical jump in this Howcast workout video about plyometric exercises.


Hi, it's Pauline and I am going to show you some really great plyometric exercises to help you increase your vertical. Okay, so again, volleyball players, basketball players, any sport that involves jumping up could benefit from this, and really anyone can benefit. You can add it into your workout routine as well.

So the first exercise is going to be a step up, one leg at a time, that way you're focusing on loading and landing and the height. Okay, so the movement again if you're a beginner, start by pushing off up on your toes. Now the leg that is actually pushing is the one that's on the box. So pushing through that's your power. Increase power pushing up. This is my practice, okay? Switch legs, up on your toes, a good warm-up, before you actually do the exercise.

Okay, so the exercise from here, back down. You're going to land soft and then slow on to your heel, okay? Other side, notice my arms are going back. That's my driving force going backwards. The next exercise is going to be a straddle with height. So what I'm going to do is jump up, up again, and then back down, okay? So here it is, up, back down.

You know the great thing is this is good for reaction movement as well, so what you can do is jump up as quick as you can, then back down. The last move is almost a lunge with a hop, so you're going to be alternating. From here come up, this is a slow movement, just so you can actually see what it looks like. Now you're going to add the hop for height. Okay, and those are three really great exercises to increase your vertical.

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