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Top 2 Plyometric Exercises for Men

Learn how to do the top two plyometric exercises for men in this Howcast workout video about plyometrics.


I'm Pauline and I'm back with a couple of great plyometric exercises for guys. So this one involved the push up and it also involves the plank. The reason why I love this one is because it's a real challenge. You're a little bit unbalanced when you're doing the push up with either your one arm or one leg. This exercise is really challenging because it involves the total body and core.

So what you're going to do is you're going to come into a push up position, and of course, you are off your knee, because this is more of an advanced move. So again, this is your typical push up, but what you're going to do is you're going to add a twist. Now it's important if you're a beginner you don't do this, because it involves rotating your shoulders.

So you're going to come off your knee, push up, rotate, tap. Push up, rotate, tap, okay? Down, tap, down, tap. Tap, tap. When you get really good at this movement, you can probably straighten your leg and take it a little bit further by tapping your toes. So keeping your leg straight, instead of bending it, and tapping your toe, so again, down, straight leg, down, straight leg. Rotate, abs tight, push, tight, okay?

So the next exercise is on the box, okay? The next exercise is your up and over box push up. So you would include these two exercises in your core routine. From here, straightaway right off your knee, down. You're going to take it down, pop up, down, up and over. Down, pop up, down, up and over. Pop up, down, up and over, down, pop up, up and over. And those are two great plyometric exercises for men.

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