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3 Upper Body Plyometric Exercises for Women

Learn how to do the top three upper body plyometric exercises for women in this Howcast workout video about plyometrics.


We're going to start off with our plank, and I really like this move because you can do it anywhere, at any time, any space. You don't need a large space at all.

What you're going to do is, you're first going to come onto your knees, and then onto your hands. And then you're going to come off your knees, keeping your abs tight. The core of this movement is actually keeping your stomach really right. What you're going to do is, widen your stance just a little bit. And you're going to tap on your shoulder, alternating one at a time. Okay? The move goes like this, abs in tight, tap, tap, tap.

You want to do this move for about 30 seconds or so, before you go on to your next move. You will have a little bit of a wobbling, and that's okay. But as long as your abs are tight, navel going towards your spine, and you're keeping your body and posture nice and firm. Three more. One, two, three. Okay? Come onto your knee.

Now I'm going to add another element. I'm going to add kind of a level. I'm going to grab my box here. And just adding small elements, one at a time. What you're going to do is, come onto the box. Okay? Now you're at an angle. And if you're a beginner, you can start here on your knees, if this isn't too much for you. And what you're going to do is, kind of step down with your palm, and step back up. Same goes for keeping your abs in tight. Step up. Okay? Arms up. Back down. Okay.

The advanced movement is off your knees, going down. Okay? Sometimes it's good to alternate. Again, if you find that you're wobbling, come back down on your knees and start over. And as you get really good at this, then you can do a few off of your knee until you're able to stabilize yourself without really wobbling.

The last move in the sequence is going to be a bridge on the ball. First, I'm going to show you the proper positioning on the ball. Okay? You're going to come up, sit firm on the ball, up tight. And roll, roll down one vertebrae at a time, coming into a bridge. Okay? And you're going to put your neck on the ball. This is your support, all the while keeping your hips up. Okay? I really like this move because my hamstrings and my glutes are engaged right away. And not only that, but you're working on your internal stabilization. This is a great move to start off with, if you're just starting out with doing any type of ab exercise.

I'm going to roll back up, and I'm going to add my dumbbell. Okay? Before I do that, I'm going to show you the move. Walk back down. Okay? One arm up, and down. It's an explosive movement. Elbows up, and back down. Then you alternate. Up, and back down. Up, and back down.

Okay? I'm going to roll up and show it to you with the weight. Something to keep in mind is, when you're doing this with the weight, your power is going to come from pushing off of the ball. Okay? You're going to start here, push up. Left elbow on. Push off, push off, push off. Okay. Switch. Same thing. Pushing off, off, off. Okay? Slowly rock back up.

And those are some really great three core exercises for women. Upper body exercises involving the total core, total body, arm, legs, everything. Okay?

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