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How to Do a Hurdle Hop

Learn how to do a hurdle hop, an intense leg plyometric exercise, in this Howcast workout video about plyometrics.


Hi. This is Pauline, and I'm back with your hurdle hop. This move can be easy, or it can be advanced. But again, you're going to go for explosiveness and height, only because we have boxes here. The focus is going to be on really exerting the force up, out, and over. Okay?

So, first of all, get your abs in tight. You're going to set your hips back as you're setting, and then your arms are really going to be the driving force. Again, what I would do is actually practice the motion as though you're actually going to jump over. Beginners, this is your practice. Okay?

For a beginner, I would actually practice, one leg up, down. Okay? One leg up, down. Same thing again, other side. Leg up, down. Leg up, down. Okay?

The move goes as follows. From here, setting my back, abs tight, and I use my driving force. Okay? Landing soft, in the front. Up, and over. Again, when you land, keep in mind that I need you to keep your knees facing forward, and not bowing in. All right? Up. Up. Landing soft.

Okay. Another variation would be kind of like a hop over. What you would do is, still getting into this position, but you're going to go, instead of both legs at the same time, you're going to use one at a time. Up, and over. Up, and over. Okay, I'm going to switch. Go left. Left. Okay? Here we go again. Same driving force, up. Sink down. Over. One more time. Left, over, over. Okay?

And that is how you do hurdle hops.

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