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How to Make a Fondant Board for a Wedding Cake

Let chef Michelle Doll show you how to make a fondant board in this Howcast video about wedding cake decorating.


We want to make a base for our cake structure, and this is going to be a fondant board. This is a plain, store-bought, really strong, nice, thick board. They're very, very common. I think they're a little tacky. If you're doing a wedding cake, it's like everybody and their brother can buy one of these, but you want to cover up some of that silver on the outside.

I dust my circular area with some powdered sugar, just like I would do if I were rolling out a fondant tier. Put this in the center. I'm going to quickly roll this out to be the width of the board. It's okay if it's thin. Move it around, pick up some powdered sugar if you feel it's sticking. There we go.

I have some piping gel here; pick it up with my paintbrush. I'm just going to go around the outside, because we're actually going to cut out the area that the cake is going to notch into. You can find piping gel at any craft store. Lots of baking stores have it. Whenever you get those piping gel pens from the supermarket, that's what this is; this just has some color added to it. The one I have here is plain. Nice plain piping gel. There we go. Move that out of the way.

I will pick this up and gingerly drag it over the top, smooth it out some. The first thing I'll do is cut off the excess from the outside using a sharp blade. Pick it up like a pizza, and I'm just going straight down. You can get some pretty ribbon to match your cake design to go along the outside, or you can leave it if you want a little silver accent. This is much nicer than the plain silver board.

Smooth that around with my hand, and cut out the center piece. Grab my XActo blade back. This is the width of my cake, so I'm going to center that. You can just do it by eye, or if you want to get one of these bench scrapers that has the inch marks on it, that's very helpful. That's about 5 1/4 . This should be an inch all the way around. There we go. With my XActo blade, I'm going to hold this down with my hand, right in the center, and with my XActo blade, which is very, very sharp, I put a new one in almost every time I use the handle. There we go. Pick that up.

That is a perfect foundation for a cake, and how you make a cake board.

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