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How to Do a Swiss Dot Pattern on a Wedding Cake

Let chef Michelle Doll show you how to do a Swiss dot pattern in this Howcast video about wedding cake decorating.


So now we're going to add some Swiss dot's, a nice Swiss dot pattern to our cake here to dress it up a little bit. I have #1 tip, but you can use a #2 or #3. It's the basic round tip. You see my Royal Icing bag has a coupler, so I can swap out tips really easily. So the easiest way to do this is to start on opposite sides of the cake. So I'm going to start my pattern about a half an inch from the top, right above the bow.

So I just put one little dot, apply some pressure and stop. Now I'm going to turn it all the way around, so that my next dot goes absolutely on the exact opposite side at the same height down, which is about a half an inch. All right, so now I've got just two dots all the way around, but I've split up my cake, so now I can add a third dot over here, same height down, same size.

If you end up with a little curlicue or a little peak to your tip, just take a wet brush with just water and you can tap it down, so you get a nice little bead instead. Now I'll add my fourth line, equidistant between the two and the same height down. Oop, works best if you use sound effects. And now I'm going to add in my missing dots.

Okay, so I've got an equal amount of dots. Now I'm going to cut between the two, add right below it, and you can do as many, as tight a pattern as you want. Go back and make sure these are tight. Now I add my last row on the bottom. There we go, so now we have a sweet little pattern of Swiss dots around our cake.

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