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How to Use Disco Dust on a Wedding Cake

Let chef Michelle Doll show you how to decorate a cake with disco dust in this Howcast video about wedding cake decorating.


A really fun element to add to your wedding cake is disco dust, which is an edible glitter product. What could be wrong with that? Absolutely nothing. So you can see it's super, super shimmery, really, really shiny. A caveat, when you use this you will be wearing it the rest of the day, which is usually not a problem.

So what I do is take a little bit of piping gel and I put that in one of my cavities of the palette here. I'm going to scoop some disco dust on top of that; you see how it gets everywhere; and I'm going to mix it in with my disco dust making a very sparkly exciting paste. So my brush is filled up. Now what I can do is go back and lightly touch all of my Swiss dots, turning them into a very cool disco dot.

It's great to let your dots dry a little bit more before you put this on there, but this will work fine for us. What's so great is that it's so shimmery and faceted that it catches all the candle light really, really beautifully. So you can find disco dust at cake supply shops and online. If you even just search for disco dust, this is what will come up.

You can get it in a wide array of colors and metallic's, even just iridescent, which is a really fun, subtle, subtle look to have. This one is a disco pink diamond. And that's a great way to add a little sparkle to your wedding cake with disco dust.

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