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How to Do a Swirl Design on a Wedding Cake

Let chef Michelle Doll show you how to do a swirl design in this Howcast video about wedding cake decorating.


So here we have a crumb coated cake and I'm going to show you how to make a swirl design over your cake with butter cream frosting. What I have in here is a Swiss meringue butter cream with a little bit of pink march throughout, and what we're going to get is kind of a rose effect, because we're going to make swirls over the cake. So I've got a large star tip here and what you want to do is start in the center, let the butter cream buildup a little bit, and then go around the sides and pull it off.

So see what you get is this nice little rose pattern. I'm actually going to cover the entire cake and it's actually really a fast method, very sweet. See I'm going to keep on tightening up my pastry bag here. And it's okay if they kind of overlap on each other a little bit.

So I'm squeezing until I build up a little mound in the middle and continue to squeeze as it wraps itself around. As it trails off I just release the pressure and pull the bag away. So again, that's squeeze, stop; squeeze, stop; get a couple of little rosebuds in there.

I'm going to refill my bag really quick and I'll do that by folding over the edge. You can also do this in a pint glass if you're home alone and it's a little too hard to put your hand around it. Put your hands in here, just going to scrap the butter cream off to my thumb and my forefinger. I don't want to overfill my bag or it's going to try and squirt out the top.

Also, it's going to take so long for me to pipe it all that my hands are going to heat it up, so I'll lose a lot of that detail that's in the top of the swirls. So I'm going to squeeze this until I get rid of any big air bubbles, twist the top of my bag, and we're ready to go again. Let's do our sides now, and that's how you put a swirl pattern on a cake using butter cream.

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