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How to Work with Your Wedding Cake Designer

Let chef Michelle Doll share tips on how to work with your wedding cake designer in this Howcast video about wedding cake decorating.


So, how do you talk to your cake designer or maker? It's a little tricky. Cakes are usually booked 6 months in advance.

So, if you're calling them a year and a half in advance, they're going to have a hard time wrapping their head around the exact date. If you call them a week before your wedding, they may have a hard time accommodating your request. So, it's best to give yourself a 3 to 6 month window, to contacting your baker or decorator.

You also want to come to them with some ideas, if you can. Either give them full rein or give them some really clear direction. Meaning, your going to come to them and show them your invitations, maybe what your wedding dress looks like. They can incorporate the lace that you're going to have on your veil into some elements that's going to be represented on you wedding cake. It's a great way to really tie in all the different ideas behind your wedding design.

A good thing to do too, for wedding planning in general, is to come up with a mood board. So, not necessary pictures of the chairs you'll want for the reception, but the kind of spirit you want to invoke. What do you want to people to feel? How do you want them feel? Is it a really beachy, Summery feel, or do you want kind of a snowy, Aspen type feel? Also, architectural elements. Do you want it to look like a surf hut? Do you want a really casual, fun event like that, or do you want it to be very formal?

Having as much information ahead of time to give to the cake decorator, is really going to be reflected in your cake.

Also, floral designs. If you can speak to your florist before you speak to your cake designer, that's great. That way they can start all most immediately, putting together sugar flowers, if that's what they'll be doing for your wedding, which can give them a really good head start. But really keep an open mind and let them run away with it. You're basically commissioning an artist and you want something that comes from them.

A lot of brides will bring in picture of other cakes. That's not verboten. That's totally fine. We're happy to see our colleges work. Sometimes we get our own pictures back which is always really fun. Let that serve as an inspiration. No body wants to do an exact version of somebody else cake. Just like you wouldn't want them coming to your job and saying, 'Remember that person that was here before you? Do it exactly the same.' Let them put their own spin on it. I think you'll be really happy with the end result.

So, those are some great tips on how to interact with your baker or decorator.

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