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14 Tie Dyeing Supplies You Need

Learn about 14 supplies you need for tie dyeing in this Howcast video.


Here on the table I have all the supplies that you'll need for tie dyeing.

I have the dyes that are in powder form and they're the kind of fiber reactive dyes and I also have the dye [inaudible 0:00:07] that you need to make them react and fix to the fiber.

I also have a variety of containers and measuring cups that you'll use to mix your dye solutions and then do the dyeing as well. A funnel that always comes in handy when you're trying to pour solutions into smaller containers. And then measuring spoons, measuring cups and whisks to I prepare your dye solutions.

I have some gloves that you'll use to protect your hands from getting stained but also to protect them from getting sensitive with the dye and the dye chemicals. Finally I have an array of regular rubber bands, clamps that you can find anywhere and shapes. I have two circular shapes brushes and foam brushes and droppers that you can use to make all the effects of tie dyeing.

And this is pretty much all you need to make your tie dye designs.

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