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How to Tie Dye

Learn how to tie dye in this Howcast video.


Tie-dying is an ancient technique that has been used for thousands of years all over the world. It consists of bundling and tying the fabric to create shapes and forms, and that happens because the bundled areas or the tied areas won't get died, so a resist this happens.

There's different ways you can make these resists. For instance, you can crease or fold, and that will lead to the creation of more geometric patterns or stripes. Or you can also scrunch and tie, and that will create more organic kind of spirally shapes.

Other things you can do is use buttons or other circular shapes, for instance some chickpeas or marbles, to create these round, circular sections. You put the button in and tie it with a rubber band. There's really many things you can do. You can use shapes to create resists. You can use clamps or just clothespins.

Another really important thing is choosing the colors. For instance, we all associate tie-dye with really bright colors, but you can also get really beautiful effects with more muted and subtle colors as well.

This is how you tie-dye.

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