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How to Make Tie Dye Stripes

Learn how to make tie dye stripes in this Howcast video.


I'm going to show you how to make stripes using tie dye, as you can see in this shirt.

I'm going to use this piece of fabric as an example and show you the different ways that you can align your stripes in the fabric.

So, all you need to do to make a stripe is to gather the fabric and put a rubber band. So, for instance if I wanted my stripes to be aligned in this direction of the fabric I would just gather in this direction and put a rubber band. But, if on the other hand I wanted my stripes to be aligned in the longer direction I would gather the fabric in the longer direction and put a rubber band on it.

You could also align it in different ways such as starting from one of the corners and going in this orientation but I'm going to show you how to do it with the stripes aligned in the shorter side of the fabric.

So, you just gather the fabric and you put a rubber band on, while you're gathering the fabric you want to make sure you're gathering the fabric sort of in an even way so the stripes will all be parallel in the end. You also want your rubber band to be pretty tight because what is going to create the stripe to appear is the resist that the rubber band will do to the dye.

So, I created my first stripe here, this part will be dyed in a color and this part where the rubber band is will be white because it's protected from the dye. You can play with the distance between the stripes so you can make stripes really close together or you can make stripes further apart as you wanted or you can inter-mix them.

So, I'm making another stripe, pretty close together here, and now I think I'm going to make another one a little bit further over, Okay, another stripe.

And you could use really thick rubber bands like the quarter inch kind, to make really, really thick stripes because that's the other thing you can also consider. The thickness of your resists, meaning the rubber band, would also determine how wide your white stripes would be. So you can play with that too.

And, after you've made all the stripes that you wanted, in my case I'll have my whole fabric dyed with one solid color and then I'll have three white stripes in the place that I have the rubber bands. You'll just dunk it in that dye bath that you previously prepared. I made a green dye bath this time and I prepared it by just mixing the dye with water and added a little bit of dye activator or washing soda.

You're going to dunk the fabric in for about one hour and after that you can rinse it and use it as you want. Remember when you're dunking it; you want to make sure that all the fabric is fully submerged. And, in the end, your result will look something like this.

And this is how you can make stripes with tie dye.

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