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How to Do Pole Wrapping Tie Dyeing

Learn how to do pole wrapping tie dyeing in this Howcast video.


Another really cool tie dyeing technique is called pole wrapping, and as the name says, you'll pretty much be wrapping your fabric around a pole. The effect that that makes is a zebra stripe kind of effect and it looks really complicated, but actually it's really easy to make. You'll see how easy pretty soon. So you want to have your fabric wet as usual and you need also, a PVC pipe. These are pretty easy to get and they come in different sizes.

You can get them wider, but mine is pretty narrow, and the different sizes will make the pattern appear differently. So you want to start placing your fabric on the pole and as you roll it, you want to be scrunching it. So what you're trying to do here is to roll all your fabric around the pole, trying to avoid having one layer of fabric on top of layer of fabric. So this is achieved really by as you roll it, just continuing to scrunch it. Another section, scrunching it; another section, scrunching it.

So in the end you have your fabric all wrapped around the pole and scrunched and you see that all these pleats here, that's what's going to make the zebra kind of stripes in your fabric. If you were dunking this into a dye bath, you also want to make sure that it remains nice and scrunched like this, so you can wrap it around with string or you can also just use a couple of rubber bands throughout, just to make sure it stays in this position. A little twine in the middle.

Now I'm going to give it a final scrunch. After you're done you just dunk it in your dye bath. You want to make sure that your dye bath is deep enough for the fabric to be totally submerged and you just leave it there for one hour. After that you can rinse it and see the pattern that you made. So this is how you can make pole wrapping tie dye.

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