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How to Practice Flamenco Guitar

Learn how to practice flamenco guitar in this beginner guitar lesson video from Howcast.


Hi, I'm Dan Garcia and we're going to talk about how to practice flamenco on guitar. Okay, there's a big difference between practicing and playing and I hope this video inspires you to practice better so you can improve quicker and play better.

Okay, when we're practicing flamenco guitar we're really targeting a technique and we're really targeting a goal. We practice slow and we practice focused. Usually when you practice, you want to have a metronome on, just keeping time always. When you're practicing flamenco, you always want to practice along with a metronome.

If don't have a metronome on, you're probably not practicing. You're probably just playing around. Okay? Playing is a lot of fun. Practice means work, means brain work, means slowing down. It means working on a specific goal and getting it better. If it's not getting better, you have to realize what's not working and fix it, so then when you play, it's fixed.

That's the difference between playing and practicing. For example, if we're practicing the technique of alzapua, we want to make sure our metronome is on and we're very conscious about what we're doing. We hear the triplet, one-two-three, one-two-three, one-two-three.

Okay, if we feel that we're not doing this comfortably, we slow the metronome down. We find a spot where we're comfortable. Then we're going to find an exercise. Then we're going to play until we feel comfortable with that tempo.

We're going to make sure everything we're doing is working and if it's not working, we're going to figure out why it's not working. That's called practicing. Okay? Once everything is working, we go and play and have a great time.

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