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Flamenco Guitar Techniques: How to Play Fan Rasgueos (Abanico)

Learn how to play fan rasgueos aka abanico in this flamenco guitar lesson video from Howcast.


Hi, I'm Dan Garcia. I'm going to show you a new rasqueos technique that we call abanico rasqueos, abanico is the fan, one of those fans you kind of open up and yourself a fan. This is a more approachable style of rasqueos and this is the one used mostly by classical guitarists or maybe the flamenco guitarists that are not so professional. Because the fingers don't shoot out from the thumb like in the previous one, it's a movement from the wrist and the fingers just kind of drop down on the strings like this. Also you can have your thumb coming up, so instead of this we have just a natural, okay? So that's abanico rasqueos.

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