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Flamenco Guitar Techniques: How to Play Pulgar with Golpe

Learn how to play pulgar with golpe in this flamenco guitar lesson video from Howcast.


Hi, I'm Dan Garcia. I'm going to show you another golpe technique. In this case, we're going to do a golpe while we play with our thumb. This is very common sometimes at the beginning of phrases or sometimes we just want to play a chord with a percussion accent, kind of like this. There, it's just an individual note with out thumb. Okay, kind of like that. The best way to go about this and practice this I always like to do chromatic scales very slow.

I like to do my golpe technique with two fingers when I'm doing my thumb, instead of just one. Hear it? I feel like I have more power and it's very common golpe to do two fingers, the middle and annular at the same time. You can do golpe with pulgar by playing only one string, by playing two strings golpe, or by playing a full chord, so get used to playing all kind of pulgar techniques along with the golpe. Have fun.

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