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Flamenco Guitar Techniques: How to Play Alzapua Variations

Learn how to play alzapua variations in this flamenco guitar lesson video from Howcast.


I'm Dan Garcia. I'm going to show you some variations on alzapua. There's many, many variations on alzapua of course, and once you master this technique you can do variations of your own, obviously. But the most common ones are, we learn alzapua as a triplet, now we're going to learn it as a pulgar, down, thumb down to the strings, up and then we're going to play pulgar twice on the target string. This allows us to develop a line in the bass line, sort of like this. One more time.

Another variation in alzapua would be doing the same, but we do a slur. Okay, instead of hitting the bass note twice, we let our left hand do the slur. One more variation in alzapua is having two target notes and a bass note. So instead of going-- you would hit two target strings, so you'll use your sixth and your fifth, kind of like this. Have fun practicing your alzapua.

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