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How to Play Rumba Catalana (Ventilador)

Learn how to play rumba catalana aka ventilador in this flamenco guitar lesson video from Howcast.


Okay, so we're going to learn how to play what we call rumba catalana. The style of rumba comes from Catalonia, which is a region in the northeast of Spain, also from the south of France or that area. This style is very popular with bands like the Gypsy Kings and many artists from Barcelona from the 1960's who made this style very popular.

It features this technique on the right hand that we call ventidalor. Okay, ventidalor is a fan and it's the kind of fan that you put on the wall or on the ceiling, and your hand is making this move. I guess it looks like a fan. That's why they call it that way. This is how you do it. Just three moves from your right hand.

Let's check it out. First move is going to be to mute the strings. So you start with your hand muting all six strings. Then as you lift your hand, your index is going to play up. Then index down, so mute, index up, index down. Then last move is thumb up and mute, again. Yeah, so beat one and beat three are muted. You start with a muted first beat, so mute.

Then you just loop this over and over and over and this is how rumba catalana works. Of course, there are many variations of it, but this is the basic rhythm. So let's do this again. Mute, index up, index down, thumb up, mute, index up, index down, thumb up and mute. Okay, and your hand will fall into this pattern of... Have fun playing your rumba catalana.

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