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How to Play Gipsy Kings-Style Rumba

Learn how to play Gipsy Kings-style rumba in this flamenco guitar lesson video from Howcast.


I'm Dan Garcia and now we're going to learn how to play rumba gipsy kingstyle. So this is how they do it. Okay, beat one they do a thumb down with bolpe, very effective. Then you're going to come up with your full hand. You're going to kind of fold your hand into a fist and you come up with your thumb, down and up.

So that' the first part of the rumba group, bolpe with pulgar down and come up with your thumb, down with your hand. and up with your thumb again. Let's try this slow. Pulgar with bolpe, thumb up, hand down, thumb up. And then as your thumb comes up, you're going to fall into a full string mute. You're also going to hit your guitar with percussive effect. Yeah, that's the first half of the groove.

Second half of the groove, after the mute we're going to do a little tail with our index, which goes like this, so index up, index down, index up. So again, after the mute we let go of the mute, index up, index down, index up, and that completes the sequence. Let's do the whole thing now. So one more time, thumb with pulgar, come up and down, come up, mute, index up, index down, index up and our pulgar is ready to go again. Have fun playing with the gipsy kings.

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