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How to Do a Purl Stitch in Knitting

Learn how to do a purl stitch in this knitting tutorial from Howcast.


This is how to do the purl stitch.

A lot of people are intimidated by the purl stitch, but really it's just the mirror image of a knit stitch. So, if you can knit, you can definitely purl.

To purl, the yarn is going to be in front of the knitting, instead of the knit stitch where the yarn is in the back, the yarn is going to be in the front. We're going to do the same 4 steps as we did in the knit stitch, except this time, "in" means come in from the right side of the stitch and you're coming towards you.

Then you're going to wrap the yarn around the front needle and scoop up a loop towards the back, before releasing the old stitch from the needle. So again, that's in from the right side, wrap around the front, scoop up a new loop and pop the old stitch off.

Then when you get a little better at it and you can load your stitches up here close to the tip, you're going to go in, around, up and off. In, around up and off. Notice how much I really use my fingertips to help control who is falling off of what needle. So, I want this needle to scoop up a stitch, and then I want to release the old stitch. In, around, scoop up and release off.

That is the purl stitch.

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