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How to Do a Moss Stitch in Knitting

Learn how to do a moss stitch in this knitting tutorial from Howcast.


So Moss Stitch is really fun and renders a really beautiful deep textured fabric that looks a lot more complicated than it is. But it does require a little bit of explaining.

So, essentially what we're doing is, knit one, purl one, knit one, purl one, all the way across. And we're going to be doing it for two rows high this time instead of one like regular Seed Stitch. So if you've ever worked Seed Stitch, you know that you switch your pattern every single row. And in Moss Stitch, it's like a double high Seed Stitch.

So if you can look only at the top two rows of this Moss Stitch sample, you'll see that I've got knits stacked on top of knits and purls stacked on top of purls. So if you can just see the very top portion, you'll see what looks like one by one ribbing. However, after those two rows have been achieved, we're going to switch the pattern, just like in Seed Stitch, to begin our checkerboard.

So here I have a knit on top of a knit, which means it's time to switch the pattern. I'm going to be purling now on top of those knits, and knitting on top of those purls. So I'm going to work knit one, purl one, across this row, remembering to switch my yarn every single time. So what I'm doing, I'm knitting and moving the yarn, purling and moving the yarn. I'm going fast, just so we can get to the end of the row.

So what I'm doing right now is, I'm breaking the pattern that I established previously on the last two rows but we're setting up the new pattern for this row and the one to come after it. So we're switching our pattern after every other row.

So now I've worked across, and you can see that. Above the two knit stitches, I now have a purl, and above the two purl stitches I now have a knit. So when we work the back, this is where we get to put in that second row, and this time, because we're stacking them for two rows, we get to, what I call 'knit them as you see them'. So that looks like a purl, go ahead and purl it. It looks like a knit, go ahead and knit it.

So here we are doing what feels like one by one ribbing. Knitting them as we see them, as we go across. So just stacking up a purl on top of a purl and a knit on top of a knit, remembering to switch the yarn every time. Yarn to the back and knit, yarn to the front and purl. And when we get across this row, we'll look at the front and we'll see what we've made in Moss Stitch.

Now, some people call this double Seed Stitch, which totally makes sense, because it is Seed Stitched done for two rows before we switch, which is what makes it Moss. So here we go, our new two rows, a front row and a back row of stacking knits on top of knits and purls on top of purls. But because it's Moss Stitch, when I start this next row, I've got a purl on top of a purl. That's two. So I'm going to knit, and continue on as such.

So that is the wonderful Moss Stitch, which gives you a really nice deep texture, and you only have to pay attention every other row.

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