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How to Do a Double Yarn Over in Knitting

Learn how to do a double yarn over in this knitting tutorial from Howcast.


There is such thing as a double yarn over. It's just like working a yarn over with a little change.

In this pattern the rows alternate with double yarn overs and then a row with single yarn overs on either side of the double. I'm going to show a row that has the double yarn over. It begins by knitting two so I'm going to slip one and knit one. Then I have to knit two together for a right leaning decrease and here is where I'm going to slip in my double yarn over. As you can see down here it's sort of at the bottom of one of these flame or leaf shapes.

I'm going to bring the yarn to the front like normal but because this is a double yarn over I'm going to bring it again around. I'll show you that again. The yarn comes to the front and over, to the front and over making two wraps on the right hand needle. There's one, there's two. Then we can work our next stitch as the pattern sets. It just so happens that in this pattern it's a slip slip knit so I'm going to be working a left leaning decrease. Now you can see trapped between those stitches is one, two wraps.

I'm going to do it again. I'm going to knit two, knit two together as set in the pattern. Now it's time for another double yarn over. Go once, go twice, and continue on which is a slip slip knit. I'm going to finish out the row and show you how to work into the back. So knit two together, yarn over twice, slip slip knit, and we're going to finish the row.

This lace pattern that I'm working is stockinette so it's knitting on the front and purling on the back. Now I'm going to purl across the back like normal and if I had single yarn overs I would just purl them. However, because I have double yarn overs I have to do something a little different. Here it is, one more purl. Here it is, there's my two wraps. You really don't want to drop these off the needles because it's hard to wrap them in the right way.

Without dropping them off yet I'm going to move the yarn to the back because in this double yarn over I'm going to knit one, purl one. Knit one, move the yarn, purl one. It feels all loose and crazy and that's OK. That's how you work into the back of a double yarn over. I'll show it to you one more time. Now I'm up to my yarn over, move the yarn to the back as if to knit and knit one into that big hole, move the yarn to the front and purl one into the big hole. That's how you do it.

I'm going to get across this row so I can show you what we've made on the front. I'm going to continue purling across. Remember in every pattern with a double yarn over they're going to ask you to work into the back of it in a different way. This pattern has first a knit and then a purl. But as long as you remember that a double yarn over is going to yield you two stitches you'll be fine.

Now I've finished the back of the row and let's see what we've got. There we have it, these gigantic holes which are bigger than you can see my little, tiny yarn overs here and here, here and here. These are my single yarn overs as opposed to the doubles which you can practically see from space.

This is a pattern with double yarn overs and single yarn overs.

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