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How to Do Lace Stitches in Knitting

Learn how to do lace stitches in this knitting tutorial from Howcast.


So if you think you're ready to knit your first project with lace, a few things to keep in mind are that lace is just yarn overs, combined with decreases and increases, in a variety of different ways to make different patterns. So here are a few really simple ones that you might see.

This is a simple eyelet, where the yarn over is followed right after by a knit two together. You can insert eyelets in any kind of pattern, like these little leafs in this scarf that I knit. You can see here that there are two yarn overs stacked up three rows high, with some really simple increases and decreases, in stockinette on a background of purl.

You can also use patterns that have double yarn overs, and single yarn overs, like this little sample that has double yarn overs, with two singles, in alternating patterns across the rows. And then, you can also get more complicated like this shawl, which has all these little rows of increases and decreases, and yarn overs, but then also features lace stitches knit on as a border going all the way around the shawl.

Lace patterns generally require you to pay attention, and to keep track of where you are. They are notoriously difficult to go back and fix a mistake on. So don't be scared, give it a shot, keep a pencil handy, turn off the TV while you're learning your pattern, good luck, and those are some ways to make lace stitches.

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