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How to Decrease in Purling

Learn how to decrease in purling in this knitting tutorial from Howcast.


I'm going to show you how to decrease in purling. And show you how to turn two purl stitches into one.

So I'm basically going to purl two together instead of pearling one we're just going in from the right side, wrapping around the front, scooping up a loop and popping it off. We're going to go through two with our, the tip of our right needle.

So I'm gonna stick my needle into two purl stitches at once, wrap one loop around, scoop it up from the back making sure to go under both of those stitches, and pop off both of the old stitches. So you can see there's two there with one coming out of it.

So I'll show you that again into both stitches from the right, make sure you get both of them, wrap around the front, scoop one loop up and pop them both off. And there you have two stitches that have been decreased, do it one more time, into two, scoop up one loop and off. There are decreased purls, lets see what it looks like on the front, there they are.

So that's how to decrease in purling.

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