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How to Do a K2Tog aka Right-Leaning Decrease in Knitting

Learn how to do a k2tog aka right-leaning decrease in this knitting tutorial from Howcast.


So I'm going to show you how to knit 2 together, which makes a right leaning decrease.

This is how to decrease your knitting. Instead of knitting one stitch from the left side, as you normally would to do a knit stitch, I'm gonna stick my right needle into 2 stitches at once from the left side. Just like normal, but grab both of them.

And now I'm going to wrap the yarn around the back needle and scoop up one loop from the two. Pop both of them off at the same time, which makes two stitches turn into one. So I'll show you that again. Instead of the first stitch, into the second and then the first. So all together, in one move, wrap the yarn around the back, scoop up one loop, and pop it off.

The reason this is called a right leaning decrease is because you can see that the stitch on the left has sort of eaten the stitch on the right, meaning you had two stitches, and it's gonna lean that way because the left one dominates the right one, and covers it up. So these stitches lean to the right, and that is one way to decrease in your knitting, at the knit 2 together.

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