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How to Knit with Jessica Kaufman

Learn about Jessica Kaufman, one of Howcast's knitting experts, in this video.


Hi, my name is Jessica Kaufman and I love to teach people how to do crafts. I really love to teach people how to knit because it is so empowering to be able make everything for yourself, to make your own clothes and garments. And what I really love is helping people when they get to the point where they want to try something and their minds can wrap around but their hands can't yet. So really just help you through that zone where you know what you want to do, but you can't actually do it yet.

I love pointing out that, hey, an hour ago you were really frustrated and your body was tense, you didn't know what to do and now you can look at me while you do it with your hands. I have taught kids and grown-ups a variety of crafts and what I really hope that people get when they work with me is that sense of, 'I really can do this! And not only can I do it, think about all the different ways in which I can take what I have learned now and just really break the mold and go out there and try things that I didn't think I could try before.'

I am available for private lessons and for teaching workshops, in a variety of different craft genres. You can find me at and I hope that when you watch this series, you'll feel empowered to be able to do these skills at home, to teach them to friends and to make lots of wonderful things for yourself and for all your friends and family.

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