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What Is a Birth Control Patch?

Learn what a birth control patch is in this Howcast video.


The birth control patch is an effective form of birth control. It is a small patch that you put on your arm, or on your hip, or on your buttock, and you change that patch once a week for three weeks, and then you have a patch-free week. The benefit of this form of birth control is that it is excellent against preventing pregnancy.

There are some drawbacks. The birth control patch does have an increased amount of hormones. There is some concern regarding the risk of blood clot formation. Now, there is a background risk of blood clot formation with all combined estrogen and progesterone birth control. However, because it does not require daily motivation, this may be a better birth control option for you.

Before you make this decision to use this form of birth control, you should have a detailed conversation with your physician about the risks and the benefits, and then choose the birth control option that is best for you.

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