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Birth Control Patch Safety & Effectiveness

Learn about the safety and effectiveness of a birth control patch in this Howcast video.


The birth control Patch is a small patch that you place on your arm, on your hip, or on your buttock. You change the patch once a week for three weeks, and then you have a patch-free week, and that week is when you get your menses or your period. Now, the birth control patch, while it has a slightly increased risk of blot clot formation, it is still much, much, much less than the risk of blood clot formation if you get pregnant. And because this is a highly effective form of birth control, this may be an excellent birth control option for you.

The patch, as a form of birth control, is highly effective. It is equally as effective as other combined forms of birth control. The pill, the patch, and the NuvaRing are all about 92% effective, and that's with typical use. That means, although on the package it tells you how effective it is and it's a higher level of effectiveness, that effectiveness changes depending on who is using the birth control.

If you decide that the patch is a good option for you, have a detailed conversation with your physician so that you can determine the best form of birth control for you.

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