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Birth Control Patch Possible Side Effects

Learn about the possible side effects of a birth control patch in this Howcast video.


The birth control patch is a small patch that you place on your arm, on your hip, or on your buttock. You use that for a week, and then you change it every week for three weeks. The fourth week is a patch-free week, and that is the week that you get your period.

Some of the side effects from the patch include nausea, headaches. Occasionally, you can have some irritation at the area where the patch is placed. Sometimes if you are using the patch for the first time, you'll notice some breakthrough bleeding, which can be as heavy as a period at times. The breakthrough bleeding is something that can go away with time. Usually after the first two or three packs of the patch, the irregular bleeding will subside.

If you have any questions about the side effects that you are having regarding the patch, feel free to call your practitioner as soon as you are concerned. Or if you are having the breakthrough bleeding, you may want to give it some time before you call your doctor.

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