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Safety & Effectiveness of The Pill

Learn how safe and effective The Pill is in this Howcast video about birth control.


Birth control pills are an effective and safe form of contraception. Your birth control pills come in a pack. The pack can be round, it can be rectangular, and it usually contains about 28 pills per pack. Some packs have 21 pills for the week that you take off and you don't take any pills at all, and then you start the new pack. Others have the full complement of 28 pills, where there'll be a variable number of placebo pills that you take towards the end of the cycle.

Birth control pills, when taken correctly, are an excellent form of contraception. With typical use, meaning with variability in how you take the pills, the pills are about 92 percent effective. As far as the safety profile, it is very safe to take birth control pills. Although all birth control options have side effects, these side effects are minimal, and compared to the risks of pregnancy, they're negligible.

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