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Birth Control Sponge Possible Side Effects

Learn about the possible side effects of a birth control sponge in this Howcast video.


So the sponge is a form of birth control that is basically a sponge. It's soaked with spermicide, which is a product that kills the sperm. You place that sponge as far into your vagina as possible. You put that in your vagina before you have sex, and then a few hours after sex, you make sure that you remove that sponge so you can get the highest effectiveness possible.

There are some drawbacks with using this form of birth control. Because of the amount of spermicide that's in the sponge, it can be very irritating to you and your partner. This irritation may happen during the act of sex, or it may happen after sex.

The other drawback of using this product is that the sponge needs to stay in your vagina for several hours before you can remove it. While that sponge is in your vagina, it can cause some vaginal irritation and discharge, and unfortunately, when you keep that sponge in for a few hours and you remove it, it can be pretty disgusting.

If you are considering using an over-the-counter form of birth control and you're looking at the sponge and you're looking at a condom, I would make a recommendation to use the condom. It's more effective than the sponge, it has less side effects than the sponge, and it prevents sexually transmitted diseases, which the sponge does not do.

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