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What Is the Vaginal Ring aka Nuva Ring?

Learn about the vaginal ring, aka the Nuva ring, in this Howcast video about birth control.


The vaginal ring is one of my personal favorites, as far as birth control options. It is a plastic ring that has both estrogen and progesterone. The ring is placed into your vagina, and that estrogen and progesterone is absorbed by your vagina, and that's how it prevents pregnancy.

It is a highly effective form of birth control and may be an excellent birth control option if you're not good at taking a pill every day. It may also be an excellent form of birth control if you're a patient that has painful periods or headaches with your periods, because it's easy to skip your periods when you use this product.

The NuvaRing is placed into your vagina for 21 days, and is removed for seven days. And during that seven day interval, you will get your period.

Some patients are reluctant to use the vaginal ring. They think, "Wow. Am I going to be able to use this effectively? Am I going to get the ring into the right place? Is it going to cover my cervix?" The NuvaRing, or the vaginal ring, is idiot-proof. All you have to do is get the ring into your vagina, and it works. It doesn't matter where it's placed. If you feel it during sex, you can push it further up. It's not going to get lost, and it's going to be equally as effective as long as it's in your vagina.

So, while the idea of using a ring to prevent pregnancy freaks you out because you have to place it into your vagina, don't worry. Give it a try if you don't think the pills are a good option for you. You may be surprised at how much you like using the vaginal ring, and you may prefer it over other birth control options.

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