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Diaphragm Possible Side Effects

Learn about the possible side effects of a diaphragm in this Howcast video about birth control.


The diaphragm is a silicone cup with a ring attached to it. The silicone cup needs to be filled with spermicide before you use this form of birth control. The cup with the spermicide gets placed carefully into the vagina, so that the ring and the cup are covering the cervix with the spermicide. It's very important to place this carefully and accurately to get the best form of birth control.

The diaphragm may have some side effects. You may have some irritation due to the diaphragm itself or due to the spermicide. If you find that you have a lot of vaginal discharge or you have a lot of vaginal itching, you may want to contact your physician or nurse practitioner to be evaluated for these symptoms.

You may find after you've been fitted for your diaphragm and you use it at home that the diaphragm may not be comfortable. If you notice that you have any vaginal bleeding or pain when you're using your diaphragm, this may not be the right size diaphragm for you. If you have these symptoms, you should call your nurse practitioner or your physician and bring the diaphragm with you so that you can be refitted, or maybe you just need a little help placing the diaphragm in the correct position.

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