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What Is an IUD?

Learn what an IUD is in this Howcast video about birth control.


Another one of my favorite forms of birth control is the IUD, or the Intrauterine Device. This is a small, T-shaped form of birth control that is placed into your uterus by a nurse practitioner or a physician.

This form of birth control, once it is inserted, is one of the most effective forms of birth control available. It requires no other motivation, except to occasionally check the strings in your vagina to make sure that the IUD is properly placed.

This form of birth control is so effective, it has the same effectiveness of tying your tubes with the option to change your mind. In other words, this form of birth control prevents pregnancy as much, if not better, than tying your tubes over the duration that you are using this form of birth control. This is why I recommend this form of birth control to all of my patients. Unless they have a desire to get pregnant within a year or two, I offer this form of birth control because it requires no motivation other than to check the strings after it has been placed, and it is an effective form of birth control for the entire duration that that unit is in place.

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