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What Is the Withdrawal Method aka Pull Out Method?

Learn about the withdrawal method, aka the pull out method, in this Howcast video about birth control.


So what is the withdrawal method or pull-out method? I would define the pull-out method as an ineffective form of birth control. If you are trying to prevent pregnancy, this is not the way to do it.

Technically, what you are supposed to do is pull the penis out of the vagina before your partner ejaculates. This is effective about one in four times that you have sex. Twenty-five percent of women who use this form of birth control will get pregnant over the course of a year. If that risk is acceptable to you, then maybe the pull-out method is an appropriate form of birth control for you. If you are trying to prevent pregnancy, or you are trying to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, this is not an effective way of preventing infection or preventing pregnancy.

If you are interested in birth control or preventing sexually transmitted diseases, please go to the pharmacy and buy a box of condoms. Otherwise, you need to go to your doctor, talk to them about the the most effective form of birth control for you, because this is not it.

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