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Most Popular Birth Control Method

Learn what the most popular birth control method is in this Howcast video.


What are the most popular birth control methods? I find that in my private office most of my patients are on oral birth control pills. They are easy to use. The contraceptive effectiveness is excellent, and there's a lot of benefits for using the birth control pill aside from preventing pregnancy.

Although birth control pills are an excellent form of birth control and may be the most popular form of birth control available, it does not mean that it's the best option for you, and it doesn't mean that it's the most effective option available.

If you are considering using birth control, when you come to the office, either my office or the office of another doctor or nurse practitioner, keep an open mind. Although your friends may be on birth control pills, that may not be the best contraceptive option for you. There are many other options that are more effective and easier to use.

When you follow up and talk to us about birth control, just consider all of your options when you're thinking about preventing pregnancy.

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