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Mail Order Prescriptions for Birth Control

Learn about mail order prescriptions for birth control in this Howcast video.


Some of you may be wondering about mail-order prescription plans. This may be a convenient way to get your birth control instead of going to the pharmacy every month to get your pills, to get your NuvaRing, or to get your patch.

Now, you may not have this option available through your insurance, but it's important for you to research this option. Not only is it convenient to have your birth control mailed to your house, but it may actually be cheaper than picking it up at the pharmacy every month.

In addition, if you don't get a chance to go to the pharmacy every month, you may be at risk for getting pregnant because you won't pick up your birth control on time. I find the mail order system is an excellent way to help patients maintain compliance with birth control.

If this option is available to you and you are able to receive mail order packages without any problems, please call your insurance and find out if the mail in prescription program is an option for you.

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