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How to Explode a Plastic Bag using Baking Soda & Vinegar

Learn how to explode a plastic bag using baking soda and vinegar with the instructions in this Howcast science project video.


I'm going to show you how we can make a boom in the room and all I need are two household chemicals, baking soda and vinegar. Vinegar used in salads, baking soda to keep your refrigerator smelling good.

And watch this, all I need is a paper towel and some tape and I'm gonna make something really amazing. Baking soda, now your measurements are key here okay, you do not want a giant heaping teaspoon. I want one level teaspoon, and I"m gonna put it right into the center of my towel. And that's one.

And then I'm gonna take a second teaspoon, and I'm gonna take a third teaspoon, and I"m gonna go one more and do teaspoon number four. Now I"m gonna take this towel and I'm gonna create like a little package, like a little present. I'm gonna fold and keep all the baking soda concentrated in the center, and I'm gonna fold. And then I'm gonna flip it over and I"m gonna fold and now what I've created, get a piece of tape, was a way to control when I want the baking soda to be released.

Now, step 2, is I grab my ziploc bag. Okay? And we're gonna take vinegar, it could be red vinegar, it could be white vinegar, it could be distilled vinegar, doesn't matter. Vinegar. Half a cup of vinegar.

And I'm now gonna take the vinegar which is now the shape of the cup, it's a liquid, I'm gonna pour it into this bag, it's now the shape of the bag. Now I'm gonna take my packet, but there's a problem. The minute or the second I release this packet into the vinegar there's gonna be a chemical reaction. The two chemicals will mix and something new is made. And I'm gonna give you a little clue, you know what's being made? A gas.

See chemical reactions, when something new is made, but the problem is, if I drop this into this, it's gonna make a gas and if the bag is open, where does the gas go? It's gonna go up, but we're gonna make this a little fun.

I did say, a boom in a room and now I'm gonna zip the bag shut. And if you notice I'm holding this bag from the outside so that I didn't release the baking soda yet. Because once these two chemicals touch, chemical reaction.

And now, I'm gonna double check the bag, triple check the bag and if it is gonna go kaboom, I don't think you wanna hold it here. I'm gonna hold it over here and I"m gonna let it go, and I'm gonna press it so that the vinegar gets absorbed by the towel and let's observe what happens. It's in. And right now the baking soda and the vinegar are gonna start to mix and, oh, oh whoa, dude, hello, okay this isn't funny, I'm scared, uh, woo-hoo, sorry, the bag just farted.

Did you see that? All that gas is being made, so much gas, so much gas, it had to find a way out, created so much pressure, boom in the room. So by doing that and mixing those two chemicals, we were able to make an amazing chemical reaction, make a super safe controlled mini explosion and learn a lot about how gases are being made. Go try it, have fun.

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